Peach Brandy Sangarees (3rd in a Series)

The last two, and final, cocktails I tried making with peach brandy were a letdown.  Both were "sangarees," meaning mainly that they call for a sprinkle of nutmeg.  One specified port floated, which is also often found in sangarees.

The first one was a Peach Sangaree:  2 ounces of peach brandy on ice, fill with soda (a double highball glass, or whatever you have that's about that size), sprinkle of nutmeg, and 3/4 oz port floated on top.

I am absolutely no good at floating anything or making pousse cafes; I ended up with as much port on the counter as I got in the glass, and I can't say that was floating.  But the cocktail had port in it.

Nothing to write home about:  the drink tasted like spiced watered-down peach brandy.

The second one is a Sangaree Comfort: equal parts (1 oz here) bourbon (I used Four Roses) and Southern Comfort, 1/4 oz each peach brandy and lemon juice, and a little sugar.  Shake on ice, strain, add ice, fill with lemon-lime soda/pop (I used Sprite).  I skipped the nutmeg; wasn't in the mood to wash the grater-thingee.

This just tastes like Sprite with bourbon.  Southern Comfort has peach flavors too, of course, but I didn't get much peach kick from either the SC or the peach brandy.  Not a bad drink, but I'd just doctor Sprite with SC and be done with it.

And that's what you can make with peach brandy.  Apricot brandy is a lot more versatile; this fall or winter I'll tackle some of those drinks.