More Parfait Amour Cocktails

Finishing up my quick survey of a few cocktails made with the very purple liqueur Parfait Amour, today I'm reporting on three.

A little more info on Parfait Amour first.  As I've said, it's very purple.  The main flavor I get is an almost cloyingly sweet vanilla.  (My bottle is Marie Brizard.)  Wikipedia says it's usually made with a Curacao orange base; I don't get the orange at all.  Bols, who created it, use orange peel, vanilla pods, rose petals, and almonds.  De Kuyper supposedly use lemon, coriander, and violets in theirs.  Mme. Brizard herself/itself just lists sweet Spanish oranges, orange blossoms, and vanilla.

The first is the 'Tryst' cocktail, also called a Trilby Variation.  It's a mix of equal parts sweet vermouth, Scotch (I used Dewar's), and PA, with a little pastis (I used Ricard) and a dash of orange bitters.  Orange bitters aren't available locally, so I used angostura.  (One liquor store here only had Peychaud's, which I bet means they know nothing about bitters!)

This is very sweet.  You don't get a strong sweet vermouth kick (which suits me just fine), and the Scotch and the Ricard are both subtle, especially the Ricard.  The color is off-putting, but the drink is the best of the three today.

The second one is the 'Passenger List' cocktail:  equal parts brandy (I used Hennessy), gin (Bombay), 2/3 as much each PA and yellow Chartreuse, and a dash of pastis (Ricard again).  You don't find many recipes that call for yellow Chartreuse.

This one is mainly just sweet, and though I just drizzled in a little Ricard, it's very anisy.  That combined with the Chartreuse, it's like drinking a Provencal meadow smoothie.

The last one is a 'Barnacle Bill' cocktail.  No idea where the name came from.  This one is equal parts PA, yellow Chartreuse, and pastis/Ricard.

Another very sweet one, though the color is more purple and less off-putting than some of the other PAs.  It's also very anisy/herbal like the last one.  You might as well sip Ricard with a little water and get pretty much the same effect but not so cloyingly sweet.

And thus endeth my survey of Parfait Amour cocktails.  Glad that's over with.