2009 Crossings Sauvignon Blanc

This 2009 Crossings Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand's Awatere Valley shows that a $15 bottle of wine can be better than a $25 one.

The owner of my local liquor mart, a nice older lady who I hadn't talked to before, recommended it to me when I told her I liked SBs.  She said she loves them and that this one is outstanding.

It's not the best SB I've drunk this summer, but it's very good and comes close.  Certainly more subtlety of flavors than the $25 bottle I drank last week.  The label lists stone fruits, passion fruit, melon, flinty finish, etc., but what jumped out at me was grapefruit.  I've always liked grapefruit juice, so maybe that's why the very pronounced grapefruit notes appealed to me.

The nose was a good blend too, not just the usual asparagus and grassy meadow.  A very nice, reasonable bottle of wine.