More 1 on 1 Amaretto Mixed Drinks

This weekend I tried 3 more 1-on-1 combos using Amaretto; see my last post for the first 2 or 3 that used Scotch and bourbon.

The French Connection is brandy to amaretto, 2 to 1, shaken on ice, though stirring it would work just as well.  This one was a frog with no hope of ever becoming a prince.  The brandy overpowers the amaretto, and it's just a waste of good brandy (esp. when you use Hennessy Privilege).

The Zorba is Metaxa to amaretto, 2 to 1.  Metaxa is an interesting spirit from Greece if you're not familiar with it:  It's a mix of brandy and Muscat wine with various secret herbs and spices, including rose petals, bay leaf, and cinnamon.  I like Greek spirits (ouzo not so much).  I'm one of the 7 Americans not of Greek ancestry who like Retsina, especially with a piping hot Greek mixed meat platter.

The Zorba is way better than the French Connection.  It's pretty sweet, with the amaretto coming through more, but you also get a bite from the brandy.  Make sure the bartender takes out the bay leaf before he serves yours.

Last is what Internet Cocktail Database calls an Italian martini variation:  2 1/4 oz gin (I used Boodles) to 1/4 amaretto.  How do you dole out 1/4 oz, you ask?  Half a tablespoon.

This is better than I thought it would be.  You get just the right sweetness from the amaretto cutting the gin.  I'm vodka-less at the moment or I'd see how it works with that.  Amaretto is a surprisingly good substitute for the usual vermouth, though I think it's missing one ingredient that would make it a really standout drink.  Lemon curl?  Olive?  Try it sometime and see what you think.