2008 Yali Sauvignon Blanc

This wine comes from Chile's central valley just a tad south of Santiago, specifically the Rapel Valley.  The Rapel River flows into the Pacific and is the confluence of the Cachapoal and Tinguiririca rivers, which divide the valley into two subregions:  the Colchagua Valley and the Cachapoal Valley.  You'll find these two valleys listed on wine labels more often nowadays than the more general Rapel Valley.  This area gets a lot of minerals that the various watercourses bring down from the Andes (no Incan treasure, I'm guessing).

This Sauvignon Blanc ran me in the $10 range, so a reasonable price for a Chilean SB.  The nose stood out more than a few that I've tried this summer.  I thought I detected a 'fruity' nose, and that's what the wine label says better schnozes than mine have whiffed.

The wine itself is a little more acidic (perhaps what the label means by 'crisp').  I thought I caught the famous SB asparagus in this one, but no great subtleties of flavors, a pretty average SB.  Not a bad summer or picnicking wine for the price.