Lapostolle 2008 Casa Sauvignon Blanc

Lapostolle is a Chilean label, and this is the first Sauvignon Blanc I've tried from that country.  The estate was founded by the great-grandaughter of the genius who invented Grand Marnier (who wasn't Chilean, of course).  It's located in the Rapel Valley, which is located in the central valley south of Santiago along the #5 highway.  These SBs are fermented in stainless steel vats, no oak.

This SB has a different fragrance in the nose that I couldn't put my finger on, but it's one I haven't picked up in other SBs I've drunk recently.  The wine has a subtle mix of notes and is also very different from New Zealand and California Chardonnays.  I think I finally got the famous 'gooseberries' in this one, and maybe an earthy flavor.  It's more acidic, though not as tart as some I've drunk.

This wine runs in the $16 range.  Very nice, I think it would go well with seafood, if the Gulf oil spill doesn't make that enjoyable only for the wealthy.