Justin 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

This week I've been drinking a 2008 Sauvignon Blanc from Justin vineyards on the central California coast.  It costs in the $17 range.

This was one of my least favorite SBs.  It tasted overly acidic, one step away from vinegar.  I didn't get the nose from it that I'd gotten from a bottle or two last month.  On the other hand, after a day or 2 in the fridge it had mellowed out, not that it had the range of flavors that I've found in other SBs.

Interesting info from the bottle label:  The 2008 growing season "started cool, shifted into lots of wind, and eventually into scorching heat which resulted in a "shatter" berry set which reduced natural yields by up to 50%."

Here's what the nice people at Wikipedia say about it: "Coulure is triggered by periods of cold, cloudy, rainy weather or very high out-of-season temperatures. The condition is most often manifested in the spring. It also occurs in vines that have little sugar content in their tissue. Flowers stay closed and are not fertilized. Thus the vines are not pollinated as the grape fails to develop and falls off. Coulure can also cause irregular bunches of grapes which are less compact than normal. These bunches are more sensitive to developing various grape diseases. The yield of a vine with coulure will decrease substantially."

There seems to be a related problem (syndrome? drinker's dillema?) called "millernandage".  Wikipedia has a much shorter description of it:  "Millerandage or shot berries is a French term referring to an viticultural problem in which grape bunches contain berries of greatly different size and, most important, different levels of maturity. Its most common cause is too cold or otherwise bad weather during the flowering stage of the vines. The condition causes lower quality in affected wines, which are often French or German."