Centennial 2006 Bong Bong Sauvignon Blanc

I only drank one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc this week, a 2006 Bong Bong from Australia's Centennial Vineyards.  Bong Bong is the name of a village about an hour south of Sidney; the name means "meeting of the water".  You learn so much reading wine labels.

This wine was in the $8-9 range, and frankly it tasted like it.  When I poured the first glass, it didn't have nearly as much aroma/nose as the $19 one last week.  The wine itself was also much blander; it just tasted like a house wine without any of the subtleties of flavor. I wonder if that fact that it was an older vintage (2006) had anything to do with it, i.e., that the bottle had been sitting on the shelf at the liquor mart and should have been drunk sooner.

Interesting though, after a day in the fridge, I thought it had more flavor than when I'd first drunk it, unlike most of the SBs I've drunk recently that tend to dull down sitting in the fridge.

This would be an OK wine for a summer picnic but it's nothing out of the ordinary.