Back to the Shaker

I haven't reviewed a cocktail in a long time and was starting to miss them, so I've decided to intersperse my wine write-ups with occasional cocktails that I've tried.

Tonight was something called the Alice Mine Cocktail #2.  No idea where the name came from.  It's an easy one:  equal parts (I used 1 oz) bourbon (Jim Beam Distiller's line tonight), sweet vermouth, and Kummel (with an umlaut).  You don't find Kummel in very many recipes, but I've always liked caraway (Kummel is German for caraway), and this has a subtle sweet taste.  Shake over ice and strain.

The drink was pretty sweet for me, who prefers tart to sweet.  I might cut back on the sweet vermouth a bit, maybe even in half.  The caraway wasn't overwhelming and gives a nice spicy note.  The bourbon was great, of course.  I wouldn't drink it all the time, but not a bad drink if you want a change from a Manhattan.