Wente Louis Mel 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

The last two or three days I've been drinking a 2008 Wente Vineyards Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc. This is my first USofA sauvignon blanc in my current round of tastings.  The bottle (cork, no handy screw cap) comes from California's Livermore Valley and runs about $12.

This was my least favorite SB of the ones thus far, even counting the first one, which I thought was too sweet.  The color of this one seemed too pale to me, and the aroma didn't capture my attention at all.  No asparagus, no cat pee.  Nor did the taste.  This wine was like one step above white grape juice.  The vineyard's web site claims it has "aromas of guava, melon, gooseberry, citrus, and tropical fruits," but I didn't smell or taste any of them.  Maybe a little citrus.  It's certainly drinkable, but at $12, I think it could show a little more distinction.