St Hallett Barossa 2007

I was looking through the limited Sauvignon Blanc assortment at a smaller local liquor mart, and I came across a St Hallett Barossa 2007 that uses SB, semillon, and riesling grapes.  So I decided to give it a try.

First, I wonder why an Australian winery would label a bottle of wine "Poacher's Blend".  Kangaroo poachers? Dingoes ate my baby poachers? 

The Barossa Valley is a major wine-producing region northeast of Adelaide in South Australia, which I didn't know until 30 seconds ago.

The wine itself:  very light, about the lightest white wine I've ever drunk.  I was thinking if I added some carbonation it would make a nice fizzy drink.  No distinctive aroma to speak of.

Maybe I was imagining things, but it seemed like the glass I drank after it had been in the fridge for 3 days was sweeter than the first glass:  because of oxidation maybe?

An interesting wine.  I'm wondering how it would be in a sangria, if it could stand up to all the other flavors.