Sauvignon Republic 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

This week I went upscale (or a little upscale) and tried a $19 Sauvignon Republic 2008 SB from the Marlborough region of New Zealand's South Island.

When I poured the first glass, I could immediately tell how that extra $10 or so makes a difference.  The aroma was much more pronounced than other SBs I've tried.  It really went right for my nose.  I didn't get any asparagus, let alone cat pee, but it was very herbal.

That extra $10 also showed itself drinking the wine.  This SB was a lot more complex than the cheaper ones I've tried, and I could begin to distinguish the different notes in it.  The bottle says gooseberries and "herbal grassiness" and "restrained minerality", but I thought I tasted vanilla.  Or maybe a fruit flavor with vanilla overtones.

Whatever the flavors, a great bottle of wine.  But I don't think it keeps that well.  I drank about half the bottle the first evening.  When I poured a glass the next night, the complexity seemed to be gone, both in the aroma and in the flavor.  It could have been a much cheaper bottle of wine.

Moral:  Never don't finish a bottle of wine in one sitting.