Sauvignon Blancs: Background Info from

I guess I fell into a trend when I decided to try a few Sauvignon Blancs. has an interesting article on them this week and how they're due to be a Next Big Thing in the wine world:
To excerpt a few points from their story:  the author calls this a "green" wine with notes of lots of green thingees, including herbs, kiwi, lime, even honeydew. (He actually calls the grape green, but same difference.) 

He describes SB as having a higher acidity than chardonnay, and I'll agree with that. I like flavors that tend to be sharper, not the frequently found soda pop marketed as wine, like my sister's beloved "pink Zins".  

He says many people are put off by SB's aroma, as opposed to chardonnay's aromatherapy, which he says many drinkers compare to asparagus or even a whiff of cat pee.  Having to had to get rid of two wonderful male gold cats because of their predilection for peeing where they weren't supposed to, I'm well acquainted with that smell, and I haven't smelled it in a bottle of wine yet.

And I learned that "Fumé Blanc" is just a name given by Robert Mondavi in the 1960s to California-brewed SB aged in oak barrels that's supposedly asparagus/cat pee-less, less greeny, and "richer and fuller, riper and less acidic".  Sounds to me like that's dumbing down some of SB's strong points, but I'll search out a couple bottles of FB and let you know.