Matua Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2009

This Matua Valley Marlborough 2009 Sauvignon Blanc has more body than the last one I reviewed.  It's definitely more acidic and you can almost "roll it around on your tongue."  Since I'm just beginnining to explore the world of SB, I couldn't pick out any particular fruity notes, but it wasn't chalky, and the aroma wasn't especially "asparagussy".  It's a decent middle-of-the road wine in the $11 range.  (And I like their label.)

According to the back of the bottle, Matua Valley was the first winery to produce SB in NZ, back in 1974.  Doing a little wikipediaing, I discovered that Matua Valley is just the name of a winery (apparently), not an actual valley.  The Marlborough region is on the NE end of New Zealand's south island.  Production of SB there kicked off NZ's wine industry in the seventies, and SB is still the predominant varietal grown there, followed by pinot noir and chardonnay.