Chateau Bonnet Sauvignon Blanc

I'm going to start throwing in some wine reviews here, though my main focus will stay cocktails. It gets tough trying to throw together different cocktails often enough to keep the posts here frequent enough to keep readers' attention.  I tend to go for reds, though I also like dry whites.  Just like I don't like sweet cocktails much, I'm also not big on sweet wines.

I picked up a Sauvignon Blanc on sale at my local liquor mart for under $10:  it's a Chateau Bonnet, Entre-Deux-Mers (between 2 seas), 2008.  The grapes in it are sauvignon, semillon, and muscadelle.

For a dry wine, it still seemed sweet to me and close to a chardonnay.  I didn't pick up any particular notes in it.  Not a bad wine, but just a Get You Where You Wanna Go wine.