The Three Bears' Hot Buttered Rum

I wanted to try some rum drinks, and I figured hot buttered rum is about the easiest and quickest. With temperatures getting up into the 60s here, we're not really having hot buttered rum weather, but better now than in August.

Hot buttered rum is just a pad or slab of butter, an ounce and a half or so ('to taste') of rum in a 12 oz mug, topped with boiling or very hot water. I give mine a stir. You can also add spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc.

The first rum I used was El Dorado 12 year Demerara rum. This is made in Guyana from demerara/turbinado sugar. Kind of fancy for hot buttered rum, but I had it on hand. I liked this one best (and for what it cost I should). Nice sweetness to it.

Next up was Rhum Barbancourt, which is made in Haiti. This is made directly from sugar cane juice (like rhum agricole and cacha├ža) instead of from molasses. This one was less sweet and gave a bit of a kick to the back of the throat. It wasn't earth-shattering.

Last, for Baby Bear, was hot buttered rum made with Rhum agricole distilled from blue cane juice in Martinique. This one was a little sweeter than the Barbancourt, gave a little kick, but also had a more distinctive flavor. After 3 drinks, my taste buds may have been perkier too.