Cocktails with Blue Curacao

I've tried a couple blue curacao cocktails the last few days.

The first one is called the Blue Barn Farm: 50% gin (I used Booth's), 30% blue curacao, 10% cointreau, and 10% maraschino.

I don't know why some recipes give ingredients in 10ths or 5ths; it's a pain to convert. For this one I used a 1 tablespoon measure as a tenth (so 50% gin would be 2 1/2 oz).

This is very blue, and very sweet, though the gin comes through. Too sweet for me though.

The second one is called the Ribonade, which, according to Webster's, is just an old name for ribbon. A blue ribbon perhaps.

The recipe called for 2/5 gin (Booth's again), 2/5 clear curacao (my De Kuyper's was actually orange), and 1/5 curacao. For my fifth measurement, I used the 3/4 side of a jigger, so I ended up with close to 4 oz total.

Since I didn't have clear curacao, I ended up with sort of blue-green color. Actually it looks better than blue for a cocktail. The drink tastes like curacao with a little bit of gin peeking through. Too blah for me, though, almost like just slugging curacao from a bottle.

Is my tongue blue now?