Mandarine Napoléon Drinks

I had my collection of orange-flavored liqueurs out, taste testing for an article, and I decided to try a couple simple Mandarine Napoléon cocktails. MN (so I don't have to mess with the screwy e anymore) is one of the subtlest of the orange liqueurs, with a distinctive flavor and not as strong of a cognac flavor as Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

The first was just 3/4 oz MN on ice, filled with tonic. I wasn't turned on at first by the taste of quinine and orange, but the drink grew on me as I sipped my way through it. This would make a great summertime cocktail.

Drink #2 had a bit more kick: 7-year Distillers Series Jim Beam 2-to-1 with MN over ice. Also a nice cocktail (for any season), and it doesn't taste like bourbon and OJ. A great combination of flavors.