Pulling a Miilk Punch

Times flies; I didn't realize my last post was on the 25th. In the last few days I've been trying various hot drinks/cocktails, some from my calendar, some from Internet Cocktail Database.

Let's start with the milk punches. The first one was a cold milk punch: milk, a little sugar, bourbon, a little rum, and the ubiquitous nutmeg. This one was probably my least favorite. The combination of flavors just didn't do it for me, but maybe I should left out the optional rum. And the drink just tasted milky. I took a few sips and dumped it out.

The second one was a hot milk punch: warmed milk (I added a little cream this time for good measure), equal parts brandy and rum, sugar, nutmeg. I liked this one much more. Milk is always better warmed up (well, not if you drink it with popcorn, like I do), and the brandy and rum worked together more than the bourbon and rum had. Good drink.

Next was a hot buttered rum: hot water, pat of butter, rum, little sugar. This wasn't bad, but tasted like, well, water. Though the butter helped. I may have used a little too much water. I use big mugs.

Last, from my calendar, a 'Seville flip': cream, sugar, light rum, port, all warmed up, with a shower of nutmeg. I take back what I said earlier: this was my least favorite. It just didn't look appetizing, not least because the cream was curdling or whatever cream does. The flavors weren't all that great either. Don't try this one at home.