Peach Beer and Double Chocolate Stout

While waiting to check out my rum and gin at the local Kwikee Liquee Mart the other day, I was eying bottles of beer and ale and stuff there by the register. Sort of like candy bars at the grocery. I ended up picking up two products I haven't tried before.

The first is Lindeman's Belgian peach beer. According to the bottle (12 fl oz; I think the bottle weighs more than the beer), they add peaches after the first fermentation, creating a second fermentation.

It's not a bad beer, not very potent, with a fairly mild peach flavor. I'd consider using it in a cocktail before I'd drink it straight again, but if you like peaches, it's good.

The second is Young's double chocolate stout. This one packs a little more than a pint, using both chocolate malt and dark chocolate.

I'm not a big stout, guiness, dark ale fan. This one was just OK to my taste buds. I poured some of it over a roast I cooked in the crockpot this afternoon while I was putting up Xmas decorations. (Holiday decorations, I should say; 1 menorah amidst the Xmas trees.)

I used a strange assortment of spices and veggies (sweet paprika, herbs de provence, fennel, cinnamon stick, pearl onions, cherry tomatoes, large green olives), and then I got invited over to friends for supper. By the time I got home, the roast was literally falling apart. So I poured in a container of veggie stock, got out the stick blender and shmushed everything up, and ended up with something halfway between beef mush and mystery meat. It'll be good on potatoes or rice.