More Fa la la's

Before I put the falernum bottle away, I tried a couple more cocktails with it.

The first one is a recipe from Internet Cocktail Database, called a Rum Swizzle. It's pretty easy: 2 to 1 white rum (I cracked open a new bottle of Ronrico, which I hadn't tried before), 1/2 oz falernum, 1 dash bitters.

This isn't bad. It doesn't taste overwhelmingly 'rummy' and has a nice combination of lime and spice flavors. You could probably scale back the falernum a little more to 1/4 oz so its flavors are a little more subtle. But on the whole it's a nice, smooth cocktail.

The second cocktail I got somewhere off the web, maybe ICD again: 1 1/2 oz gin (cracking open a small bottle of New Amsterdam to try it), 1/2 oz falernum, 1 spoon Rose's, 1 spoon plain ol' 2H and 1O, dash of lime juice (yup, in addition to Rose's), and a couple dashes of Peychaud's bitters.

This was my favorite of the falernum cocktails. The falernum blended just right, and it had just the right amount of lime, even with the double dose. New Amsterdam smelled great when I opened the bottle, and based on my first drink with it here, I prefer it to Calvert's, which I've been using lately. Whatever gin you use, a good cocktail.