More Bourbon - And Brandy Too

Another bourbon drink from my calendar (I jumped ahead a couple days for this one) is 2 to 1 bourbon to creme de cacao with a splash of lemon.

I'm not a big chocolate fan; I only tend to like the really good stuff, dark chocolate in particular. This drink isn't bad if you like chocolate. Godiva or another chocolate liqueur would probably work just as well. For a sweetened bourbon drink, though, my grape juice with bourbon from a few days ago was better.

The second cocktail, jumping even farther ahead in the calendar (I'm almost done! Woo hoo!), is equal parts bourbon (I'm using Jack) and brandy (Korbel) with a half ounce of Grand Marnier and a splash of lemon.

Did you know GM corks crumble? (Bailout!) And pliers don't work too great to twist 'em out. But needle nose ones will push the cork into the bottle, then you just strain off the GM into a jar and appoint a bar czar.

Anyway, this drink's not too bad either, but not my favorite. I like brandy in the French (Whichever No.) cocktail with champagne, but in general brandy should be sipped on its own, not used as a mixer. The GM and lemon blend well together with the brandy and bourbon, though. A good drink for a chilly winter evening.