Bourbon Drinks

I had a bourbon drink over the weekend and one in my calendar today, so I combined them for a mini- balmy winter evening bourbon fest.

The first one was easy: squeeze a lemon wedge in a glass with ice, a couple ounces of bourbon (I'm using Jack), top with ginger ale (Stirrings - not my favorite, but what's on hand). A good drink. I'm a big ginger ale fan anyway, and the citrus is just enough. I'd order this one out.

The one for today is just a little bit harder: lemon wedge squeezed in an ice-filled glass, then half ounce of lemon juice, half ounce of Southern Comfort, and 2 1/2 ounces of bourbon shaken up, poured in the glass, topped with chilled club soda.

I'm not a big fan of topping perfectly good liquor with club soda. (Remember my story about the Chicago restaurant where the bartender didn't understand why I didn't want my Campari and gin topped with soda). It too often dilutes the flavors, it doesn't open them up. I am a big Southern Comfort fan - usually just on ice - so this drink appealed to me.

It's an OK drink, though it did taste a bit watered down. Too much citrus, but I've come to expect that from the author of this calendar. I might reduce the bourbon to 2 ounces and up the SC to a full ounce to add more sweetness. But any drink with SC in it is bound to be good.