Amaretto Drinks

Amaretto sours were about as wild I used to get when I would order a drink out, before I started this cocktail a day calendar this year. I've always liked amaretto, though after all the flavors I've tasted this year now it seems kind of bland.

I knew I had an amaretto drink upcoming in my calendar today, so over the weekend I tried a couple that I saw in amaretto ads on TV. The first is roughly equal parts cranberry juice and amaretto on ice. This one didn't have much kick: the amaretto surprisingly muted the cran, and vice nversa.

The second was milk with amaretto on ice. Now, granted, I used Dean's 2 percent, so I wasn't using a full-flavored (and fat) milk, but this one tasted like a beverage my friends would give their 6 year old while the grown-ups were enjoying sazeracs.

The cocktail in my calendar today is 2 to 1 brandy (I used Korbel) to amaretto. I always have mixed feelings about brandy; I'm beginning to think I like it best for flaming desserts, but maybe I just haven't had a really good one. This cocktail wasn't my favorite of the year, but you could taste the amaretto and it had the brandy kick. A splash of lemon might have taken it over the top.