Two OJ Drinks

Harvey Wallbangers are fairly recent concoctions, around only since 1952 and, if I read wikipedia right, going by this name only since 1982 (something to do with the Milwaukee Brewers).

I made a Wallbanger when I was brewing up some Galliano drinks back in the spring. It's an easy drink: OJ, vodka, and Galliano floated, or at least thrashing across the surface of the drink.

I liked it better this time. The Galliano brings a nice herbal note to an otherwise boring OJ and vodka. I think another ingredient could make it really good; I'll have to play around with my mixology set sometime.

The other OJ drink from my calendar of a few days ago with OJ, amaretto, vanilla vodka, and cream; they called it a 'dreamsickle.' I haven't had many drink recipes this year calling for amaretto; it's been one of my favorite liqueurs for a long time.

Not a bad cocktail; how could it be, with heavy cream in it? Sweet, but with only 1/4 ounce of the vanilla vodka, that doesn't come through much. A nice after-dinner drink in lieur of dessert. But who orders dessert anymore?