Old Drinks, New Drinks

I caught up on a bellini recipe from May a couple days ago. I'd held off making it till my calendar called for another drink with prosecco, and oddly enough (going all summer long without a perfect prosecco-based summer drink), it just recently had another one.

The bellini called for white peach puree. You're not going to find that fresh either in May or in November. I didn't even see semi-fresh peaches at WallyWorld, so I bought a can of diced ones, muddled a few in the bottom of the glass, added a bit of creme de peche, and topped with prosecco (Bottega moscato spumante, actually).

It wasn't bad, not my favorite sparkling wine cocktail, but drinkable. I made another one with a bit of passion fruit liqueur along with the creme de peche (and skipped the fruit, as is my wont), and that was even better.

The new drink from this month called for prosecco, vanilla vodka, lemon juice, and another ingredient, I think (I've managed to misplace that day from the calendar).

The vanilla vodka goes well with the prosecco. I bet another liqueur with strong vanilla flavors like Licor 49 (or whatever number it is) would blend nicely too.