My Last Champagne Cocktail

Of this batch, at any rate. Towards the end of December my calendar has a few more.

This last champagne cocktail, dating from October, called for Ouzo, which I'd bought a couple months ago seeing that I was going to need it, Mextaxa (however you spell it), ginger beer, maybe another ingredient that I'm forgetting at the moment (probably lemon juice; my calendar's author loves citrus), topped with champagne.

I'd bought a little 4 pack of Stirling ginger ale at my local liquor mart. Frankly, it's blah, not much flavor. Not as commercial tasting as Canada Dry, but not as good as the other ginger ale/beer that I usually find in the organic foods aisle (don't remember that either; I'm having a quasi-senior moment day).

I've grown to like anise flavors as I've made cocktails with them the last six months. This drink was OK but really didn't turn me on. Maybe in part because the Korbel had lost a lot of its fizz in the fridge. I drank about half of the cocktail, and kitchen sinked the rest.

I don't have any more recipes calling for ouzo, so I think I'll be donating that to a needy friend who likes it at the end of the year. I'll stick with Ricard and Herbsaint.