Coffee Drinks

My calendar had 3 coffee drinks last week, which I got around to mixing up the last couple days. My local Starbucks is closing in 2 weeks (don't get me started on my unhappy feelings towards that company; their stock can go down a lot more), so I needed to get my espresso while I still could.

The first drink called for regular hot coffee, tequila, Kahlua, and brown sugar. This was my favorite of the three. I'm not a big tequila fan, but here it gives the coffee a nice kick, and the Kahlua and brown sugar (which makes anything taste better) add some nice flavors.

Drink no. 2 was vanilla vodka, espresso, Kahlua, and creme de cacao. This was a bit too after-dinner drink for me, and too chocolatey. Not bad if you like sweet coffee drinks.

The last one was cold espresso, reposado tequila, Kahlua, and Irish cream (I used Carolans). This one was better than the previous drink. I like reposado tequila and mezcal better than the silver stuff (Patron's popularity is a triumph of marketing over being worth the money), and it works well here. The Kahlua didn't predominate, and the Carolans peeked through in the background. A good drink.