Cocktail Royale

I watched Casino Royale (the recent, 'real' version) again last night and was shaken, not stirred. But do I look like I give a damn?

I tried mixing the Vesper martini that Bond orders during the poker game: Gordon's gin, vodka (Svedka), Lillet (he ordered a brand no longer made; I used Lillet blanc).

I could have sworn he told the waiter 2 parts Gordon's to 1 part vodka and half part Lillet. But on, they say it's 3 parts Gordon's. Internet Cocktail Database says so too. My one time for being wrong this month.

The first time I made it, pre-imdb'ing, I used my 2 parts Gordon's version. It was OK, didn't convince me that it's the best martini ever. The Lillet brings some nice sweetness to it; I've come to appreciate Lillet in general this year. Like Felix Leitner, I skipped the fruit.

This afternoon I started my drinking way earlier than usual and shook up the correct version with 3:1:1/2 proportions. This is certainly a gin martini. I'm not sure but that the Lillet flavors get lost amongst the juniper and other herbal flavors of the gin. I wonder how Campari would work in it. The vodka certainly gives it an added kick.

But, going against my usual inclination to avoid vegetative matter in my cocktails, I must disagree with Mr. Leitner and say that I think a strip of lemon would add just the right finishing touch.