Champgne Cocktails Part XVIII

I was going to try to catch up on champagne cocktail recipes over the weekend, but it was so nasty here, I just didn't feel like it. It's almost as bad today (albeit no rain), but I forced myself. The bottle of Korbel was calling me. Or maybe whistling.

I started with two "Monte Carlo" cocktails that were back to back in my calendar last week. They're so similar that I wonder why the author didn't list the second as a variant, but from the taste of some of her cocktails lately (e.g., gold rum, lots of lime juice, a little cranberry juice - too tart for me), I think she ran out of ideas mid-summer and is just filling up days now.

Both use gin (I'm using Calvert's, which I bought only because I hadn't tried it before, and I wouldn't try it again; even Gordon's has more taste), lemon juice, and creme de menthe (I'm using white/clear), topped with champagne. The only difference is the amount of gin and lemon juice.

Champagne cocktails are the few cocktails that I've tried for the first time this year that I would drink regularly. I didn't like creme de menthe particularly before I started this cocktail odyssey, but it's sort of grown on me, along with Ricard, Herbsaint, and similar liqueurs.

This is an OK cocktail, especially the variant with a full 1.5 oz of gin and an oz of lemon juice. Sometimes I don't go along with my calendar author's love of citrus, but the lemon works pretty well here. A sweeter champagne might work better in this cocktail, or a little cranberry juice perhaps, but it's OK.

Eat something between glasses, though. A moderately strong cheese on crackers would go well with it. Two glasses pack a punch on just a can of soup and cottage cheese for lunch! (I'm American; that's what we eat for lunch now. We're monks and don't know it.)