Bailout Drinks

The nice folks at 10 Cane rum sent me some stock market/bailout-related cocktail recipes. I'm ahead in my daily calendar, so I'll be reporting on these over the next couple days.

I'm just not a big rum fan and haven't developed a taste for even the more expensive varieties this year. But I like 10 Cane. It's light and a good mixer, and not as overwhelmingly 'rummy' as many rums are.

The first is called The Bailout, and it's easy, like the money in our bailout: 2 oz 10 Cane, 1/2 oz lime juice, 3-4 oz ginger beer, all on ice. Everything tastes better with ginger beer or ale. I'm using Stirrings.

A nice drink: just enough citrus without it being overwhelming (like too many of the cocktails in my calendar this year), and the 10 Cane goes well with the ginger beer. I like it!