Another Recession Cocktail

I had a busy weekend around the house washing windows, cleaning out gutters, shampooing carpets - and other stuff besides. Now all I have left is to get some bulbs in when we get a nice day.

After I took the carpet shampooer back to Home Depot, I was ready for a stiff drink, so I stirred up another one of the recipes from the folks at 10 Cane: 2 oz 10 Cane, 1 oz simple syrup, 3/4 oz lime juice, a few dashes of bitters, stir with a candy cane (which I didn't have).

I like this one a lot. A nice simple drink, and I wouldn't have expected the bitters (which remind me of mincemeat for some reason - I'm about the only person I know who likes mincemeat pie around the holidays) to work with this combination, but they do. I bet grapefruit bitters would be good in it too. After all the work I did this weekend, I think I deserve another one.