Another Champagne Cocktail

Continuing my week of champagne cocktails (I'm jumping forward through my calendar and hopefully drinking most if not all of the champagne recipes for the remainder of this year), I made one last night with parfait amour, cointreau, lemon juice, and champagne (I'm drinking Korbel from Sam's Club).

The recipe calls for 2 violets floated on top. At this time of year? Unfortunately my parents don't grow violets anymore. Instead I pulled out my bottle of creme de violette, which I'd bought for a pousse cafe (the less said about my attempts at layering the better), and drizzled in a few drops.

This is a nice drink. It's sweet but not too sweet, and the flavors blend nicely, especially the cointreau with the parfait amour. I don't think creme de violette tastes much like violets (yes, I've tasted one before), but a little more purple never hurt anything. I bet you could use it for coloring frosting and giving it some flavor.