Two Quick Drinks

So I don't go too far between posts, a couple quick updates on drinks. I haven't been drinking as often the last few days, but an oversized gin (Tanqueray 10) and tonic Wednesday night could still be felt Thursday morning.

One drink was vodka with hazelnut liqueur, approximately 5 to 1 ratio. The recipe called for an orange strip twist dropped in; I used a few drops of orange flower water instead. I like hazelnut and this wasn't bad, but it could have used another flavor or two. It was just a tad bland.

The other drink, equally bland, was a 'Scotch mist'. Scotch on crushed ice with a twist of lemon. I got a bottle of Cutty Sark to use for this and another recipe. I'm not a big Scotch guy; my liqueur consultant told me people don't buy the Scotch like they used to. This was ok, but a better Scotch (not sold in a plastic bottle) would probably be a lot better.