Sweet Drinks

I caught up on two more drinks from my calendar today.

The first is a walnutini (I think the calendar calls it something else): Nocello, tuaca, and vodka. I think (and hope) Nocello is the last new liqueur I have to buy for my calendar's drinks through the end of the year. Huzzah!

I tasted the nocello before I mixed the cocktail: it's OK, but it tastes a lot like hazelnut liqueurs to me. I could have used my bottle of Frangelico and saved $22. And the walnutini wasn't all the great: the vodka overwhelmed the other flavors; it needed more nocello. Or more something. I did leave out the orange peel it called for.

I looked for other nocello recipes online but found Nada. The only recipe I came across was for a walnut cake, which sounded pretty good. I also found a recipe for a pasta with walnut sauce that I bet you could add some nocello to, and it'd be pretty damn good.

The second cocktail was yet another appletini - the usual mix: apple pucker, butterscotch schnapps, lemon juice, but vanilla vodka as a twist - with caramel sauce coating the cocktail glass.

The recipe calls for a chilled cocktail glass, but when I poured the room temp caramel into the glass, it suddenly firms up, and you can't coat the glass with it. It just sits there in the bottom of the glass. I'm beginning to wonder if my calendar author tested all her recipes.

But it's a good drink nonetheless. The vanilla vodka brings a nice plus to it, and I had dribbled caramel on one side of the glass, so I drank from that side, getting some of the sweetness. And there are these metal things called spoons you can use to get the caramel out of the glass. When I make appletinis again, this is the recipe I'll use, minus the chilled glass.