I've drunk stout occasionally, very occasionally, but it's never been one of my favorite drinks. My calendar has several stout drinks this fall, so I'm working my way through a 6 pack.

One is the famous black and tan: ale (I'm using Bud's American Ale) and stout (Guiness Extra Stout), in a perfect world layered on top of the ale. I'm not good at layering, so I just poured it in. My friend Bonnye said when she was in college her parents drank black and tans because it was 'cool'. OK ... you party-late-30-somethings.

I didn't get the point, or the coolness, of it, except that the ale cuts the heavy stout. Wikipedia, in a very good article, says that I shouldn't be using Guiness Extra Stout, so I'll try the black and tan again sometime with another kind.

Tonight I poured a chilled glass of stout with an ounce of gin. My calendar likes beer drinks like this one; they had some back in the spring. It wasn't bad actually (I used Bombay Sapphire). With a 'lighter' stout, or even the ale, the combination might go better. Tanqueray's Rangpur gin, with its lime and other flavors, would probably be successful too. I just had a (small) Milky Way bar, so no more stout tonight or I will be too.