Mulled Wine

Tonight for the Project Rungay finale I made a mulled wine recipe from last March in my calendar.

The recipe calls for 2 bottles of dry red wine, orange zest, lemon zest, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and port and sherry at the end. My friends, although Catholics, aren't big drinkers (wait, did that come out wrong?) (no), so I decided to make a half recipe.

I used a bottle of Newman's own Cabernet to honor the late blue eyes. The little neighborhood grocery I ran to this afternoon didn't have any oranges for sale individually, but tangerines are finally in season, so I bought a bag and used one of them. Damn, now I have to remake those recipes that called for fresh tangerine juice.

When I tasted it before adding the last bit of alcohol it seemed awfully, well, dry. Not very sweet. Having to add sherry reminded me of the hot rum punch I made a few weeks ago that was so lethal. So I added ruby port, but instead of sherry I added Punt e Mes, which calls itself a vermouth on the bottle but I think of it as midway between vermouth and Campari. Just add gin and you have a negroni for Mrs. Stone. I also added a little more sugar (turbinado).

It was good. Only one of my hosts drank some, and he said it was good too. We were eating crackers and brie (Charlie the dalmatian said that was good) while we watched the final Runway moments, and it all went well together.