Memories of WIld Youth

A quick, short post since I haven't been posting as often lately. My excuse this week is I have several recipes in my calendar calling for hard cider, stout, and ale in various combinations, and I'm trying to keep my calorie intake down to 2 bottles a night, which usually means one actual drink combination.

Last night I made what they call a 'snakebite' (I'm not sure why): equal parts ale and hard cider. The combination was better than I thought it'd be. It reminded me of when I was in my 20s and went to Munich a few times, and in the summer in the English Gardens they sell flagons of beer mixed with lemonade. It sounds ghastly, but it's good (or at least it was then). I don't remember what food they sold to go with it - pretzels and radishes, if it was like the Hofbrauhaus.

Anyway, this cider-ale combination reminded me of that. No radish needed to complete the memory.