Boilermakers, Go IU!

Or Purdue, whatever.

I didn't drink much over the weekend; trying to watch the calories since I go into chipmunk hibernation mode every fall and store every gram of fat I eat. I'd almost caught up on my cocktail calendar recipes, but I'm falling a bit behind again.

The first drink I made today was cognac (I used Hennesy), cointreau, anisette (I finally bought a bottle), and vodka. I'm not a big anise flavor fan, but it works well with cognac and brandy. This drink, though - I took a few drinks and said "That's nice" and tossed out the rest. Not my favorite. The vodka doesn't bring anything to it that I could taste.

The second was a boilermaker: I followed option 2 in my calendar and dropped the shot glass with whiskey in it (I used JD Black) into my 'frosted mug' of light ale (I used Bud's American Ale). This wasn't bad, but I think I like my ale and my Jack separately. I guess I'm getting too old for frat boy drinks.