Yet More Sangria

Today's recipe in my calendar is the last one for sangria. Let's hope anyway. I still have one from January (yup, January, the perfect time for sangria) that I need to mix up before the weather turns too cool for sangria.

This recipe called for a dry white wine (I used a Sonoma County 2006 Fume Blanc), orange liqueur (Mandarine Napoleon), brandy (Korbel), sugar, and fruit: I used a lime, orange, peach, and a couple kiwis instead of the apple in the recipe. Club soda before serving.

I took it to a cookout at my former neighbors' where we had filet, corn on the cob, and asparagus, and I brought some vanilla ice cream and fresh pineapple. Not a bad menu.

The sangria was OK, but I've decided I prefer red wine in sangria. My host said the sangria was strong, and he's a Republican (albeit from Pennsylvania, not a native Hooooosier). So we proceeded to polish off a bottle of syrah between us. A nice way to spend Labor Day weekend.