The Ugh Factor

Today, according to my cocktail a day calendar, is Talk like a Parrot Day. I would say that for many people around here every day is Talk like a Parrot Day, but that would be uncharitable.

The drink is a Yellow Parrot: equal parts apricot brandy, yellow Chartreuse, and Pernod (I used Ricard). I thought the combination sounded strange, and it tastes as weird as it looks. I braved 3 sips and then gave up on it. Maybe it tastes too much like real licorice with the sweetness of the brandy and the Chartreuse; that's one of my least favorite flavors, next to raw oysters.

So I shook up another recipe from a few days ago: Galliano, vodka (I used Citron), and pineapple juice. I like Galliano in some cocktails; you've read (and if not, why not?) my musings on how pineapple juice tends to take over a drink.

This was OK, but nothing special: I could taste mainly the pineapple juice, but the Galliano came through. I've had better Galliano cocktails.

One from a few more days ago substituted OJ for the pineapple juice and added light rum (I used 10 Cane) to the vodka and Galliano. This one looked funky but it tasted good. The OJ doesn't overpower everything like pineapple juice does, and a little extra alcohol, in the rum, never hurts. This would make a nice brunch drink, or early evening cocktail.