Guava, not Guano

My calendar had a recipe yesterday for what it calls a 'pink martini': "good quality gin" (who'd use bathtub?), half ounce of guava nectar, and half ounce of freshly squeezed OJ, or as we call that in our house, Tropicana. So why is it guava nectar and not guava juice?

I tried 3 different gins. The first was my new bottle of Bombay Sapphire, which left me distinctly uninspired when I tried a little straight on ice. But, to my surprise, it made the best of the 3 cocktails. You could taste the sweetness of the juices (nectars, whatever), and the gin wasn't overpowering.

Drink no. 2 used Gordon's. This one didn't strike me as having much taste at all. I didn't get the sweetness; it could be I didn't use quite as much of the OJ and guava as the first time.

The last one was Tanqueray 10. It's a pretty herbal gin, and the cocktail was pretty herbal too, but the sweetness of the juices came through again. The Bombay was still my favorite, but this was a close second. Not a bad cocktail recipe, even if it isn't really a 'martini'. I bet you could use those little cans of peach and pear nectars/juice and get a pretty nice tasting drink too.