Grapefruit Cocktails

Grapefruit juice is one of favorite juices. The last few days my calendar has had a couple recipes that call for it, so I saved them up for today and actually bought the real beast and juiced it, instead of buying a bottle of sugary pink stuff that's mostly apple juice at the Quickee Mart, like I usually do.

The first called for G juice, gin (I used Bombay), and Benedictine. This tasted nice, with lots of secret herbs and spices from the Benedictine and the gin. I would use maybe a tad less Benedictine next time (it called for half an ounce to 2 oz of G juice), but I wasn't complaining.

The second cocktail is G juice, a splash of grenadine, apricot nectar (available in the Hispanic section of your grocery most likely if you don't see it in the juices), and pear brandy. I used real pear brandy, "Black Forest", not the pear-flavored stuff.

This one is a wee bit on the nice but bland side. I got more of the aroma of the pear brandy than the actual taste. Absolut Pear might work better than the brandy in this (if I hadn't slugged down the rest of my freshly squeezed G juice, I'd be able to tell you; maybe I should make a Quickee Mart run). A good drink if you don't want to get too snookered before 2:00. That's p.m.