Cheesecake Drinks

My calendar's recipe for a few days ago called for Godiva liqueur, which I haven't had before, so I went out and bought a bottle. Godiva has three versions, but I bought the regular chocolate.

My recipe was basically a black Russian (I used Stoli) with a little orange (Mandarine Napoleon). Not too bad; the orange was a nice touch.

I got to looking for other recipes on the internet, and I found one that was basically a spiked chocolate milk shake: Godiva, coffee liqueur (I used Starbucks), Irish Cream (Carolans), and Butterscotch schnapps. I decided it would be a waste to milk it down, so I just splashed in a little cream.

I'm not a sweet drink fan, but this one is good. It would be great with a sweet dessert like cheesecake. I was surprised how strongly the butterscotch came through, though, but I could still taste the Starbucks.

I decided to give this another spin. I thought of using raspberry liqueur instead of the butterscotch, but figured that would be predictable. So, instead, I went out on a limb and used creme de peche (that's peach to use, with or without the ^ over the e).

I couldn't taste peach at all - which surprised me because creme de peche usually comes through strong - but the drink had a nice overall sweetness to it. This one's worth a try too.