The Worst Drink Ever

I've had 2 drinks and 2 sips today. The first was my drink du jour from my calendar: orange juice, gold rum, triple sec, something else that I forget. Not my favorite rum drink: rum and orange juice with not much else doesn't do it for me. A few more citrus flavors would make a difference.

Second was a drink from a month ago called a "Moon Shot". Clam juice and gin in 2 to 1 proportions (that's right, twice as much clam juice as gin) and a dash of hot pepper sauce. And that's it. I finally got around to buying the clam juice last weekend. It doesn't smell fishy.

I mustered all my courage, which ain't much, and sipped. And sipped again. And threw it out, fortunately not up. Yuck. Whoever came up with this mess? Probably someone from Maine. Whatelse can you do with clam juice? That and creme de noyaux.

Since that drink was a washout, I had a good excuse to catch up on another one: a blender drink (and I just washed the damn thing) with ice, tequila (I used reposado), orange liqueur (Mandarin Napoleon to splurge), cherry tomatoes, garlic, green onion, splash of Worcestershire sauce, and I added a splash of pepper sauce. Pulse.

Well, I'm getting my vegetables for today. I didn't have the lime the recipe called for so I just used a little juice. Lime would definitely help. Garlic apparently doesn't pulse very well, so your last slug is pretty garlicky. I'd just as soon have a Bloody Mary if I'm going to do this sort of thing.

As an aside, my friend and neighbor (not always the same) sent her little boy off to kindergarten this morning (13 years of terror ahead), and when she came over later to walk dogs I had two Sponge Bob paper cups with the rest of my Korbel from the weekend to celebrate. She needed it. And thought it was funny (thank God).