What Do I Wear in Bed?

Not Chanel, like Marilyn Monroe said she did.

Today's drink in my calendar is a 'Coco Chanel', in honor of her birthday. Shirley MacLain is going to portray her in a biopic on Lifetime next month. She probably knew her in her previous life.

This is a simple drink: gin (I used Gordon's), kahlua, and heavy cream. I needed a few groceries today so I picked up a pint, donating my heart as well as my liver to science today.

Alle gute Dinge sind drei, so I made 3 variations on Miss Chanel. The first, with kahlua, was the best: a pleasant, spiked chocolate milkshake. I'm not big on sweet cocktails, but this worked for me. Heavy cream makes everything taste better. Plymouth gin or Bombay might take it over the top.

Second drink, I used Tia Maria. This was my least favorite: it doesn't have much taste, not nearly as chocolatey as the kahlua version.

Last drink, with Starbucks liqueur: this one, not surprisingly, was very mocha latte, a new drink to flag their sagging earnings. It was good as coffee drinks go, but the kahlua version was still the best.

Actually, I wear Chanel to bed too, but Egoiste Platinum. Or I did - till the dogs complained about the smell. Wonder if Bobby ever did.