Vanilla Rum

Today's drink in my calendar calls for 2 ingredients: creme de banana and vanilla rum. This is my first go-round with vanilla rum. I used Admiral Nelson's.

You coat the glass with the banana, dump out the excess, pour in the chilled rum, and plunk in a vanilla bean for garnish. I had some neglected vanilla beans in the bottom drawer of my fridge, so I broke my usual no garnish rule, split one, and put it in the drink.

The drink was much better than I though it would be. The banana was subtle, not overpowering, and I liked the vanilla rum. I like vanilla in general. It's my favorite ice cream flavor, no topping.

I decided to go a second round, so I made a Havana daiquiri from one of my bartender's guide: it called for white rum but I used the vanilla, banana liqueur, lemon juice (I wonder why not lime for a daiquiri?), and simple syrup.

The banana was a little too much in this one - I'd use 3/4 of an ounce instead of an ounce next time, but in general the flavors blended really well. And it didn't taste too citrusy from the lemon. Good drink. If I hadn't hit my limit for the day, I'd try it with lime juice. Hell, limits are made to be broken.