Orange Fizzes

While moving liquor bottles from one side of the Titanic to the other today, I took off the mini-recipe booklet hanging around the neck of my bottle of Mandarine Napoleon and looked through it.

All the names were Manda- this or that: Mandarito, Mandatonic, Mandafizz, Mandarocks. I'd never thought of tonic with anything besides gin, so I tried it with MN, proportions roughly 1 to 5.

I thought MN would go better with the quinine in tonic, but it wasn't a match made in heaven. I didn't like it. I'm betting curacao might work because it's so sweet.

I wondered if another orange liqueur would work better, so I tried Grand Marnier in the same proportions with tonic. I liked this one much better; maybe the brandy makes a difference. I had to avoid UV light the rest of the afternoon so I wouldn't fluoresce.

This evening I made one more try, but using MN and club soda, same proportions. This one tasted better than the Mandatonic, like an orange soda. A squirt of lemon or lime might punch it up. It's a good drink for this last heat wave of the summer. I hope.