Lemon Drops

My recipe for today in my calendar was a "lemon drop": lemon vodka (I used Tanqueray) and lemon juice (in equal proportions), orange juice, and orange liqueur (I used Mandarine Napoleon).

I'm confused: why would you use so much orange, both the juice and the liqueur, in a 'lemon drop'? It tasted pretty orangey, and an ounce and a half of straight lemon juice needs more sweet something to balance it.

I wondered if I could do better, so I shook up equal parts of lemon vodka and limoncello with just a drizzle of MN. Much better, and it tasted almost exactly like a lemon drop (though limoncello straight out of the bottle tastes like lemon candy). Maybe the vodka came across a little strong; the proportions could use tweaking, and a little lemon juice would really punch it up. If you're a lemon head, like I am, it's a great drink.