Galliano Drinks

My calendar's drink for this weekend calls for Rhum Barbancourt, which I haven't found locally, so I'm catching up on 2 Galliano drinks from June.

The first one calls for cachaca, Galliano, cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice, and honey. My first recipe this year that's called for honey. This is a very Brazilian drink, assuming they have cranberry bogs there. For honey, I always buy from Flying Bee Ranch on ebay. Their honey is the best (especially the pumpkin, though I'm using sage today), and the proprietors are very nice folks. My oldest nephew likes their honey sticks.

I liked the drink. Very citrusy, you get a subtle hint of the honey, the cachaca just gives it its kick (the less expensive stuff I buy, at any rate; though I was eying a better, aged bottle at the liquor mart yesterday). I'm not sure you can really taste the Galliano, which you should be able to for what it costs. A nice cocktail. I bet another juice substituting for the cranberry, maybe passion fruit, would be great too.

Report on drink #2 upcoming this evening.

And here it is: boy, did I screw up. These were supposed to be Frangelico drinks, not Galliano drinks. All these Italian names ending in -o look alike. I'll remake the first one if I have a chance, but it wasn't bad made with Galliano.

So drink no. 2, calling for a cast of thousands: dark rum (I used always reliable Myer's), light rum (equally reliable Tommy Bahama's), Frangelico, Kahlua, pineapple juice, lime juice, and maybe another ingredient or two that I'm forgetting. I had to pull out a larger shaker.

I expressed my misgivings about pineapple juice in cocktails a few days ago, but it actually worked in this one. With all the other flavors, it blended and didn't overpower the rest of them. The Frangelico and Kahlua worked surprisingly well together too. I'm guessing the light rum really isn't needed, but a little extra alcohol never hurt anything. I'm betting orange juice would work as well as the pineapple juice, and most people are more likely to have some sitting around. Good drink.

P.S. Sunday afternoon and I've remixed drink no. 1, using the right liqueur this time. I also substituted Mandarin Napoleon for the cointreau. Also a surprisingly good drink, and it doesn't taste hazelnutty. With better cachaca and another juice taking the place of Splendaed cranberry, it would really rock. And when have you seen me say that?